Sydney Chatswood Project | StoneLite Pots

City: Sydney

Completed: December 2019

Project: Chatswood Project

Material: StoneLite Pots

Colour: Dulux Natural White

Description: A beautiful garden oasis with fresh white garden pots in our sought after exclusive StoneLite material for the best mix of elegance and unbeatable price. This particular grouping of pots combined round bowl planters and low trough planters to give a unique finish to a beautiful swimming pool escape.

Project Images:

Pots Specifications:

Stonelite Trough 1000x450x450 8
Stonelite Tub Planter 910×700 2
Stonelite Tub Planter 710×5503
Stonelite Bung Planter 480×480 2
Stonelite Bung Planter 380×380 2
Stonelite Bung Planter 280×290   2
Stonelite Tall Egg 520×6002

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