GRC Range

GRC or Glass Reinforced Concrete offers the look of a concrete finish but in a lighter and easier to work with form. Because it is versatile, it can be used to create pots and planters of a huge range of sizes to meet different specifications. There are thousands of colour choices available in any Australian Dulux finish you desire.

GRC is manufactured in over 100 countries and is widely accepted as a building product across the world. Fibreglass is used throughout the product, allowing for the reduced weight while still being extremely strong and durable.. But this isn’t fibreglass like you know it. In GRC pot construction, the fibreglass is encapsulated in cement mortar instead of a plastic resin and is applied in layered sheeting for maximum strength. In some cases, GRC pots can be up to 1/10th of the weight of a comparative concrete pot but usually sit around 20-25% of the weight of more traditional precast concrete planters. 

There are plenty of advantages to utilising lightweight GRC pots in your next development or landscaping design. 

  • GRC has the strength of glass fibre combined with the rigidity of concrete. This means that the pot or planter is strong and rigid but easier to handle due to being lighter.
  • GRC planters can be moulded to almost any small or large shape including curves and patterns to suit your needs. 
  • GRC products can be finished in your choice of any Australian Dulux colour giving you thousands of colour choices and long lasting finishes in harsh Australian UV. 
  • Because these pots aren’t made solely from concrete, they are highly durable and won’t shatter upon impact. If there is any damage like chips, they can usually be repaired quite easily and painted over in custom finish perfect for commercial environments.
  • Glass Reinforced Concrete pots are also weather-proof and water resistant. They won’t rust, and due to the custom Australian Dulux finish won’t need painting for many years to come. In fact Dulux themselves back their paints by a 15 year guarantee. 
  • GRC pots are chemical resistant and fire resistant. The higher density and high cement content of these pots provide it with a high chemical resistance, while they will not burn nor emit smoke when exposed to fire. This means that architects, designers and landscapers have much great flexibility when looking for planters and pots that meet any fire performance requirements.



Commercial Pots and Planters have a range of small and large GRC pots and planters to suit retail, large scale development, apartment blocks, shopping centres and residential developments, as well as landscaping products for parks, educational facilities and more. We supply lightweight GRC pots across Australia, providing quality products at an affordable price.

Not sure what you need for your next project? Our experienced and friendly team can offer insights and ideas on the best Glass Reinforced Concrete pots for your needs. With over 25 years experience in supplying pots and planters to commercial customers, our team knows what works. 

After a custom designed pot? We can help. Produced to a high attention to detail, you’ll experience low lead times, and receive a quality product that perfectly suits your next project.  

100% Australian owned and operated, the entire team at Commercial Pots and Planters will provide you with a high level of service and to ensure your project is finished on time.