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When you are putting together plans for your next development, building contractor landscaping project, finding that you need a pot or planter outside the normal sizing can mean you spend extra hours, and money chasing down pots and planters that will fit your needs. 


Choose Your Custom Material

At Commercial Pots and Planters, we can build custom size pots to any specification, including your desired width, length, height and thickness, utilising the popular GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) or our own proprietary StoneLite (a form of Glass Reinforced Stone). With pot materials sourced from the best raw materials, and our stringent quality control processes on all materials, you’ll get quality and consistent results for every project.

GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)

GRC, or Glass Reinforced Concrete, is the gold standard in commercial pots across the country. Known for its ability to be able to be cast into a range of custom pot sizes whilst staying rigid yet relatively lightweight, we can make pots and planters in almost any size or shape. It is wise however to consider the weight, logistics of delivery and where the item will be placed when ordering.


Our StoneLite custom pots and planters are a form of GRC, but have a better price margin when compared with competitors products. The quality is still top range, and has been used for years in large commercial projects. Because this is our own exclusive brand, in most cases we can offer up to 50% better pricing when compared to similar commercial shapes and sizes. Be sure to ask for a StoneLite quote when planning your planter order.

Lightweight Terazzo

We also offer Lightweight Terrazzo for customers looking for a stone chip style pattern through their custom pots and planters in a range of sizes.

Choose Your Custom Colour

Worried about bland looking pots or coloured planters that will fade over time? At Commercial Pots and Planters you can choose any colour from the Australian Dulux range for your custom pot colours. Dulux paints are guaranteed for longer lasting colour, holding up well in the harsh Australian weather conditions. Many paints used by commercial pot suppliers are prone to fading in a few years - you won’t have this issue with your custom made pots and planters from us. In fact Dulux themselves back their paints by a 15 year guarantee so you know it’s quality.

Custom Commercial Pots Logistics

When you order your custom planter sizes from Commercial Pots and Planters, you can be guaranteed of a low lead time - most custom ordered pots and planters arrive between 7 - 12 weeks depending on material and production schedules. If we have it in stock it may well only be 2 weeks before your pots are ready to go, so if you have urgent lead times, or you need a last minute planter, check what we have ready to go. Ordering a large pot? We have delivery guides so that you can have any equipment you need to move your pots into their spots ready to go.

The team at Commercial Pots and Planters have been supplying a large range of pot and planter sizes to developers, builders and landscapers for over 25 years. We have the experience and knowledge to help you get the best custom pot sizes for your latest project.

As an Australian owned and operated company, our goal is to provide you with a quality product and top notch service.

Lead Time

If custom ordered most orders will arrive between 7-12 weeks depending on the chosen material and current production schedule. Keep in mind if we have it in stock it may only be 2 weeks so always check what we are currently holding in stock if your project has urgent lead times.


We deliver all across Australia with very low delivery costs. We operate at cost for deliveries charging the very lowest prices to offer you better margins. We professionally wrap and stack your items so they will arrive safely and in one piece.

Moving Pots

We are one of the few commercial pots suppliers that will offer you a delivery guide for large pot deliveries to ensure you have the right equipment on site. Some of our stock is so large that you may need specialised gear to crane it from the truck to the rooftop. We will ensure you are up to speed on the safest way to achieve this and protect your investment.