Our Story

We have been working for over 30 years across a range of different Australian business names as we have progressed from Retail into the Commercial space, from Local sales in the early years to National sales in the later years. We are proud of our grass roots Australian business that values relationships with clients and the growth of your business to boost our own.
We are part of a larger group in association with our sister company Pots Wholesale Direct which is another well known pots supplier in Australia, but Commercial Pots was born as a more specialised funnel to assist our commercial clients in getting the tailored support they need to meet their stringent time frames and to allow us to lower cost pressures on big commercial businesses.
We pride ourselves on a few simple key principles that are our key point of difference to other businesses in this industry and they are:


We build strong relationships with our customers to allow for mutual trust so that we can be more efficient with orders.


With our Gold standard of quality we have stringent quality controls to ensure products get to you exceeding your expectations.


We work harder than the rest to ensure prices stay low. We operate on very low margins and focus on bulk purchasing to make it profitable.


We build on our ideas, our processes, our product range, our great prices and our commitment to being the number 1 name in the industry for commercial pots.

Approved Supplier List

Our goal is to become your approved supplier for your commercial projects. In order to do this we will work with you to provide product samples, exchange required agreements and even meet with your business to build our commercial partnership. We are about long term relationships with an eye fixed firmly on growth and sustainability whilst operating at the lowest of margins to allow your business to thrive. If you would like to learn more please contact us today to form a partnership.

Our Point Of Difference

Our goal is not to just ‘sell pots’ but to instead make a huge impact on a fast growing industry by offering a better sale lifecycle including

Any Custom Size Pot possible

Any Custom Dulux colour possible

Large Quantities in stock of regular sizes

Better Consistent Outcomes

Sustainable Growth

Lower Price Of Production and Pots

Building Strong Relationships

Better Advice On Project Builds

Pot Care Advice and Maintenance Plans