GRC Trough Planters

Trough planter boxes are the perfect option for small spaces in development and landscaping projects. One of the great things about trough planter boxes is that you can mix and match different sizes and paint colours to provide your project with a unique style and finish. Even better, like all our Glass Reinforced Concrete planter range, our long planter boxes are lightweight and easy to move into place, as well as easy to move around as required. They come with sufficient drainage holes, and it is certainly worth considering following our planting guides to assist with drainage.

What looks best in our smaller lightweight planter boxes? Trough planters are great for small plants that get lost in other planters. Things like perennials, succulents and annuals make a lovely vivid display and because of their size and shape, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Trough planter boxes are also a great option for privacy and screening requirements on street frontages, fences, and balconies. They can be used to build a “wall” to zone areas of a garden or common space while still keeping the area visually open, or can be used to direct traffic along a pathway.

Our Glass Reinforced Concrete trough planters are sustainable and eco-friendly, and, when compared to traditional planters, lightweight. This means you’ll spend less time waiting around for a forklift or crane to move your planter boxes into place – in most instances they can be moved by two – three people by hand, unless you are ordering very large custom pots.

These long planter boxes are available to be shipped across Australia and will hold up in any environment from the heat and humidity of Darwin to the cold winter nights in Tasmania. They can be painted in any colour from the Australian Dulux range which ensures you get a trough planter that suits your development or landscaping project.

All landscaping and development projects differ in their needs for small and large planter boxes. If you aren’t sure what you need or what would look best, our friendly and knowledgeable team can work with you to provide insights and ideas on the best lightweight planter troughs for your needs. We can supply you with the DWG files for your architectural planning as well as providing you with the technical drawings to include in your plans.

At Commercial Pots and Planters we have over 25 years of experience in supplying GRC pots and planters to commercial customers; you could say we know what works.

We don’t just stock standard trough planter boxes. If you are looking for a custom size pot we can help. Our custom designed pots are produced with a high attention to detail, and with low lead in times, you’ll receive a quality product that is made for your project.

Commercial Pots and Planters is a 100% Australian owned and operated business, with an aim of providing a high level of quality customer service, ensuring your project is finished on time.

Whether you’re in Perth or Sydney, if you’re looking for trough planter boxes for your next project, we’ve got a planter to fit.

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