GRC Cylinder Planter 1000D x 1000H


We know the most important part of our service is the quality of our GRC pots. Everything is built off our rigorous product testing and quality control process to give you consistent outstanding durable pots and planters every time.

That’s right, all our products are finished in your choice of over 4000 Australian Dulux colours, painted here in Australia to guarantee you the best possible finish and durability. Did you know that Dulux offer a 15 year guarantee on their paints?

We can do any custom size pot or planter for your project specification. Best of all we can offer you technical diagrams, build to exact specifications and offer the gold standard in service quality.

Our commitment to building long lasting relationships is that we will beat any written quote to give you the best prices everytime.

We house a massive amount of stock in our Australian warehouse so most orders can go out very quickly.

Our big point of difference is service and support on your orders. We aren’t about sales, we are about results, and we will help you through the entire order to ensure you and your customers are happy.

We have been around a long time working across many other businesses including the well known Pots Wholesale Direct which we own and operate. We are simply providing a new specialised commercial website to meet commercial needs for commercial builders, architects and landscapers.

All measurements are for guide purposes. If accuracy of each measurement is paramount check prior to placing your order.

Any Colour You Want

That’s right, you can choose any Australian Dulux colour you want for your next project. With over thousands of colours to choose from you can mix and match depending on your preference to get the very best commercial grade finish with unbeatable quality and durability.


Any Size You Want

We are a great believer in choice. We understand that  your next project will have specific requirements to achieve excellence in quality and stand out from competitors and we are hear to help. Any commercial size in unbeatable GRC to exact specifications.