GRC Cylinder Planters

Perfect for commercial spaces, GRC cylinder planters fit almost any architectural plan from shopping centres through to hotel and accommodation buildings. These cylinder planters look great whether inside or outside, and can really bring life to your project.

There are plenty of benefits to using Glass Reinforced Concrete cylinder planters, whether for your development or your landscaping project. GRC cylinder planters are lightweight and flexible – this means that can be custom made into any cylinder shape you need to suit your project. Being lightweight means they can be moved into place more easily and won’t require such a large budget for mechanical movement.

Because these pots are reinforced with fibreglass, they are extremely strong – in most cases stronger than plain concrete pots. They are also chemical resistant, rust resistant, corrosion resistant and don’t shrink as much as normal plain concrete. On top of this, GRC pots are inorganic, fire resistant and have a high level of resistance to water.

When ordering custom tall cylinder planters from Commercial Pots and Planters, you can choose a colour from the Australian Dulux range, helping you ensure your cylinder planters look great in their new setting.

Glass reinforced concrete planters are used in a range of developments and projects including building renovations, construction of public spaces including shopping centres, parks and common areas, accommodation and event venues, restaurants, cafes, libraries, educational facilities and so much more. With over 25 years of experience in supplying commercial pots and planters, our team can assist you to ensure you get the best size and shaped pot for your needs.

Commercial Pots and Planters can supply GRC cylinder planters Australia-wide, and it is our aim to provide you with a better price point, keeping your project under budget. We sell high quality commercial grade cylinder planters and can custom make any sized pot planter. We even have the technical specs for each pot planter, and can send you the .DWG files to drop into your next architectural drawing, saving you time.

Our range of cylinder planters can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be used for a range of plants and small trees suitable to provide greenery and some shade cover.

At Commercial Pots and Planters we have a great team with years of experience in supplying GRC pots and planters to commercial customers; we know what works and can help you make the tough decisions.

We don’t just stock common cylinder planter boxes. If you are looking for a custom size cylinder planter we can help. Our custom designed planters are produced with a high attention to detail, and with low lead in times, which means you’ll receive a quality product that is perfect for your project.

Commercial Pots and Planters is a 100% Australian owned and operated business, with an aim of providing a high level of quality customer service, ensuring your project is finished on time.

Whether you need a large cylinder planter for your next high rise in Surfers Paradise, or a concrete cylinder planters for your new school landscaping project in Perth, the friendly and experienced team at Commercial Pots and Planters can get you started with high quality, lightweight GRC cylinder planters delivered to your door.

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