GRC Cube Planters

Are you working on the landscaping plans for a new development and trying to find cube planters that will work with your design? At Commercial Pots and Planters our GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) Cube Planter offers a great look that will help bring any space to life. Perfect for planting a range of trees, shrubs and smaller plants, GRC planter boxes are environmentally friendly and a great product to use on sustainable projects.

Added to this is the reduced weight in the GRC cube planters when compared to more traditional steel reinforced products, which makes our GRC planters more environmentally friendly and sustainable particularly when it comes to transport emissions.

GRC planter boxes have plenty of advantages and benefits which make them ideal for use in a range of retail, residential and educational developments, as well as being used to bring streets to life.

Glass Reinforced Concrete planter boxes are becoming popular with architects, landscapers and developers across Australia due to the flexibility, strength and durability of the product. Because these planters are much lighter, they can be moved into place quicker and easier. We have a range of cube planters available in stock that can be shipped across the country, or if you are looking for something customised to suit your design, our team will work with you to manufacture and supply the best GRC cube planter for your project.

GRC planter boxes come with some other benefits above more traditional concrete planter boxes. Apart from being able to be produced in a range of sizes, our cube planters can also be produced in any colour you like. We use quality Australian Dulux paints to provide you with a quality product including a commercial grade finish.

When you purchase from Commercial Pots and Planters, not only are you purchasing a quality product; you are also getting advice from our experienced and knowledgeable team. We’ve been supplying builders and tradespeople with commercial grade pots and planters for over 25 years, so if you aren’t sure what you need, our friendly and professional team can offer you insights and advice on your next commercial project.

We are one of the top suppliers of GRC planters across Australia and our lead times are unbeatable. Pots and planters in stock will be dispatched quickly, custom orders take approximately 2 weeks for items in stock while GRC custom designed pots and planters take 7 – 12 weeks depending on production times.

Commercial Pots and Planters is 100% Australian owned and operated, and we take the time to ensure all of our staff members are trained in the best industry practices and have the experience to guide you to the best quality products and outcomes for your client. Our focus is on providing a quality service and product, while building long lasting relationships with our clients.

In the market for GRC cube planters for your next development or landscaping project? The friendly team at Commercial Pots and Planters would love to get you the products you need.

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